Start Here: Cutie Pie Pouches

The Project: Cutie Pie Pouches

Welcome and thank you for joining me in the Cutie Pie Pouches class!

Fabric: ‘Madelyn’ curated by Joan Hawley for

QT Fabrics, available late summer 2022.

These Cutie Pie Pouches come together quickly, fit in the palm of your hand, and are perfect for all those little things that need a home.

See the quick video below for an overview of the project, then scroll down for supply information.

Quick Notes:

This class consists of a printable PDF pattern and video tutorial. There are lots of supply options for the drawstring elastic and slider used to 'lock' the bag when closed. So there is a lesson dedicated just to that information.

You can always access your Lazy Girl Designs classes through the 'Classes' tab on our website.

Project Overview Video

Supplies: Cutie Pie Pouches

Let’s take a look at the project. Two 10-inch squares of fabric and two pieces of 8-10 inch elastic will make two bags. Plus you’ll need two sliders for the drawstring closure.

Supplies to make Cutie Pie Pouches.

Supplies: Makes two, size 3” x 3 1/2”

  • Two 10” squares of coordinating fabric
  • Two 8 -10” long pieces of 1/4” wide elastic for the drawstring
  • Two sliders for drawstring closure: Silicone Sliders for face mask elastic or 9mm Pony beads. Note: See the lesson 'Elastic and Closure Options' for more details.
  • A bobby pin and a bodkin are handy
  • You’ll need some basic sewing supplies and notions, too.

If you don’t have a bobby pin or bodkin, watch the video tutorial lesson to see where and how they are used. You probably have something on hand that will do the same job.

Supply Link (affiliate link) for elastic, sliders, and the tools shown in the class video.

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